Welcome to UCMCROPS

UCMCROPS is the University of California at Merced's project collaboration and courseware system. Students and educators can exchange ideas and coursework in a structured environment. Projects enjoy a central repository for messages, documents, and collaborative tools that encourage interaction and sharing.

Instructors and Students

Students, instructors, and teaching assistants are automatically assigned to the course sites within UCMCROPS. To log in via UC Merced's central authentication service, click the blue button to the right.

There may be a delay of up to 24 hours between course registration and the course's appearance in your UCMCROPS account. If missing courses persist, please contact Students First Center.

Guest Users

Guest users, who do not have a UC Merced login, can be added to any course or project site within UCMCROPS by the site's maintainer. For courses, this is the primary instructor. Project site owners can also add guest users.